MIYC clubhouse

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mackinac Island Yacht Club, please download a membership application form.

Download the current Members Wait List to check the queue for membership (updated February 9, 2022). If you are on the Wait List already and need to update your contact information, please click here. (Password protected...please contact the staff for the password.)

The membership of the Mackinac Island Yacht Club establishes the maximum number of members at each Annual Meeting. At the present time there are 310 members. About a quarter of them are year-round or summer residents of Mackinac Island.

Members can view our current initiation fee and annual dues on the Members Only page.

Policies concerning membership are as follows:

Membership and Waiting List Rules

These rules are subject to ratification by the membership at each Annual Meeting.

  1. Any matter which comes before the Membership Committee for approval shall require the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of its members. A matter which garners less than a two-thirds majority shall be considered not approved.
  2. The membership shall be limited to 310 members. A Membership is recognized as being assigned to an individual.

  3. In the event of a divorce, the following rules shall apply:
    1. The spouse who applied for membership (member spouse) shall be entitled to retain the membership.
    2. Subject to the approval of the Membership Committee, the member spouse may, by written notice, relinquish all membership rights to his or her spouse.
    3. In either case, a membership application is required of the party not retaining the original membership. It shall be construed a new application, subject to the initiation fee, dues assessment and Membership and Waiting List rules then in effect.
  4. Subject to the approval of the Membership Committee, in the event of the death of a member spouse, the membership will remain with the surviving spouse. If the surviving spouse should remarry, he/she shall be considered the member spouse.
  5. Applicants desiring to be on the Waiting List for Mackinac Island Yacht Club must provide their completed Application, signed by one sponsor, as well as one letter of recommendation from said sponsor and accompanied by an Application Fee of $100.00. This fee will only be refunded if the applicant is not placed on the Waiting List.
  6. A waiting list shall be maintained by the Secretary and shall be subject to the following rules:
    1. No applicant on the waiting list shall be considered for membership until the number of members falls below the limit as set forth in Paragraph 2 of these Rules.
    2. Applications shall be considered to fill one or more vacancies on a “first come, first served” basis and shall be either approved or not approved for membership by the Membership Committee.
    3. An applicant approved for membership shall have thirty (30) days to pay the initiation fee, dues and assessments then in effect.
    4. It shall be incumbent upon the applicant and his/her endorsers to notify the Club of any change in the applicant’s address or telephone number while the applicant is on the waiting list.
    5. Applicants who fail to comply with Rule 56(F), or who are considered by the Membership Committee and not approved for membership, shall be removed from the waiting list and notified at the applicant’s last known address.
    6. Applicants on the waiting list shall be advised, upon request, as to their status on the list.
    7. Applicants desiring to be on the Waiting List for the Mackinac Island Yacht Club must complete an application; signed by one sponsor as well as one letter of recommendation from said sponsor; and submit an Application Fee of $100.00. This fee will only be refunded if the applicant is not placed on the Waiting List.
    8. There shall be an application maintenance fee of $10.00 per year for each person on the wait list. Each year the Applicant will be mailed, at their last recorded address, an invoice for the maintenance fee and an information sheet to update contact information and reconfirm the applicants continued interest. If the applicant cannot be reached they will be dropped from the wait list.
    9. A minimum age of 21 years for admission is established. If a person on the wait list comes up for admittance consideration before the age of 21, they will remain at the top of the list, but not admitted, until they reach 21 years old and a membership vacancy opens.
  7. Annual Dues and Initiation Fee:
    1. The annual dues for calendar year 2022 and thereafter are Four hundred Fifty ($450.00) dollars.
    2. The initiation fee for calendar year 2006 and thereafter is Nine-Hundred Fifty ($950.00) dollars.
    3. Annual dues statements shall be mailed October 1st with a closing due date of November 1st. A member whose dues are received between November 1st and December 31st shall be assessed a twenty-five ($25.00) dollar dues late fee. In the event a member’s dues are not received by December that member will not be included in the member roster handbook for the following year and the Membership Committee may presume that member has resigned his/her membership in the club.