COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Members,

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and the number of cases in our community continue to increase, MIYC remains committed to protecting MIYC's Members and Employees from infection and providing a safe place for members to visit. On June 19 of this year, MIYC adopted a Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan as required by the state of Michigan, and that plan was prepared with the goal of maintaining the MIYC clubhouse as a space that can remain available for the enjoyment of all members notwithstanding the existence of Covid-19.

The Plan contemplated amendments as circumstances require. It was drafted to guide the actions to be taken by management and employees of MIYC to protect themselves, the members and their guests. The Plan also contemplated that Member's actions were -and as they continue to be- guided by the Rules and Regulations of MIYC, which prohibit members from engaging in conduct unbecoming or in an unsafe manner. The Plan is now being amended, as attached to include guidance related to Members in the form of a requirement that Members and their guests who experience symptoms of Covid-19, come in close contact with an infected individual or who test positive for Covid-19, refrain from entering the clubhouse for fourteen days from their last symptom or until receipt of a negative test result. The Plan's restrictions related to Employees have also been amended to be consistent with the guidance provided with respect to Members and their Guests.

MIYC determined that this amendment is necessary to continue to protect its Members and Employees and to provide a safe environment, as (and especially because) societally the Covid-19 virus has become more commonplace and, by many groups and individuals, even tolerated. MIYC cannot maintain its standards for a safe and enjoyable environment and at the same tolerate this virus. As manager, I appreciate every members respect and enjoyment of MIYC; MIYC is a community, and while I feel it is onerous to impose any restrictions on Members, in this instance, the interests of MIYC as a whole and of its more vulnerable members in particular are MIYC's most important concerns. Therefore, I am sending you these amendments to the Plan in order to provide understandable guidance and set expectations for Member and Employee Safety.

Thank you for you time and attention, stay well.

Tim McCleery

Download the Amended COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan - 9/19/20.