The Clubhouse

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The following are general rules and regulations relating to use of the Mackinac Island Yacht Club clubhouse:

  1. Club Year
  2. The clubhouse will open in May and close at a predetermined date in October.

  3. Club Functions
  4. The use of the clubhouse for Club functions will be of first priority. The Commodore, Vice-Commodore or Clubhouse Manager will advise members as early as possible of the calendar of events for the summer.

  5. Members Private Entertainment
  6. Members may privately entertain in the clubhouse when the facilities are not being used for a Club function. All private entertainment must conform to these rules:

    1. The member or members must be present and shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    2. A facilities fee of $2.50 per person (minimum $50.00) shall be paid for the member for each guest when the dining room is reserved or when its reasonable use by others is hampered by the activities of the member and his guests.
    3. Reservations for the use of facilities will be on a “first come, first served” basis, subject to prior use of the Club functions, including use of the Club for yachting, official, civic or social functions sponsored and authorized by the Club.
    4. Members shall apply to the Clubhouse Manager (during the season) or Resident Agent (off season) to reserve facilities, providing all reservations shall be subject to the approval of the Commodore, Vice-Commodore, or Executive Committee.
    5. The kitchen facilities or stores shall not be used by members or guests. Any food or non-alcoholic beverage service shall be provided by the Club staff and charged at appropriate rates.
    6. State Park regulations prohibit the sale of alcohol by the Club. All such beverages must be provided by the members and any bartending services desired must be contracted for by the member, not through the Club.
    7. Only the member or members involved will be billed for the use of the Club facilities and, by making reservation for a private function, the member acknowledges responsibility for payment to the Club.

  7. Members Use of Facilities
  8. A member, not privately entertaining in the facilities, shall not bring into the clubhouse at any time, such number of guests as may unreasonably interfere with normal membership enjoyment of Club facilities.

    Adult children of members shall be considered guests of that member and it is expected that the member will be present when guests are using the facilities unless the guests are staying in the clubhouse.

    Children under 18 years of age must be supervised by a parent or equally responsible adult at all times.

    A limited number of lockers are provided to the membership for a small charge. These should be kept locked and may be used to store a member’s private beverage supply. Ice and mix are supplied by the Club.

  9. Special Limitations
  10. All reservations, reservation policies and clubhouse rules will be subject to the General Manager’s, Commodore’s and/or Rear Commodore’s discretion. Any questions, comments, etc., should be sent in writing to the clubhouse. In no circumstance will the members or their guests be permitted to isolate an MIYC employee(s) with complaints regarding room reservation policies, clubhouse rules, etc.

  11. Special Events/Activity Limitations
  12. In the interest of sound business practices and the promotion of Club activities, each season the Manager shall have the discretion to establish additional limitations, restrictions and/or requirements regarding room reservations and deposits for dates coinciding with Club activities or Yacht Races. The membership will be notified of these special limitations prior to June 1 of each year and anyone whose reservations are affected will be given an opportunity to comply or have their deposit refunded in full.

    For information on policies specific to room reservations, please visit the Rooms page.

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